Alex Gerrard has got a lot on her plate right now, having had husband Steven getting under her feet at home while recovering from injury, as she prepares to give birth for the third time.


In an exclusive interview with JMU Journalism, she talks about bags, boots and... bumps.


As the wife of a world-renowned footballer, Alex Gerrard has found herself under the spotlight in the fashion stakes, and she gave JMU Journalism an insight into her life as being one of Liverpool's favourite fashionistas.


Looking as radiant as ever, it’s hard to believe that in just a couple of weeks Alex is due to have her third child, a new brother or sister for Lilly-Ella, seven and Lexie, five. As expected, she's looking forward to getting back in to her usual wardrobe, which would make any fashion follower green with envy.


"I can’t wait to get back into my normal clothes,"

she said, "I'm sick of wearing maternity clothes.

I'm dying to put on a pair of skinny jeans, with

some high heels and a nice top without looking

down and seeing a bump. I just can’t wear heels

whilst I'm pregnant; they kill my feet on a normal

night, never mind now! I don't know how people

do it."


For someone who is constantly photographed

and scrutinised for what she is wearing, people

may think with that comes a huge amount of

pressure to consistently look perfect, but the

28-year-old said: "I don't feel pressure to look a

certain way. I've loved fashion ever since I was

young, so it’s always been my style to dress up

and take an interest in how I look."


Shopping has kept Alex busy whilst she's expecting,

and she's looking forward to wearing her new

purchases, post-pregnancy: "I've bought a gorgeous

pair of 'Isabel Marant' boots, which I can't wait to wear.

They're suede, over the knee with fringing all down the

sides; they'll be perfect for the winter. I've also just

recently bought an 'Amen' jacket. It's leather on the body

with lace arms which are covered in studs and crystals,

but I just don't feel like I can wear it whilst I'm pregnant."


Although the suprisingly shy Scouser is a trend-setter in her own right, she does take inspiration from other celebrities: “I love Kim Kardashian's style, I think she’s fabulous. I prefer her day look than night time. She looks best when she wears jeans, heels and a blazer - she always has great bags too."


Sharing her tips for women's winter wardrobe staples, she said: "I would always recommend women to make sure they have a nice pair of boots; a good pair can really make an outfit. Whether they're flat or high, I think they're good to invest in and they will take you through the whole season."


Her second 'must have' is something Alex thinks all women need: "A nice coat. Make sure it’s got a good fit and flatters your figure, you could set it off with some leather or studded gloves as well."


Mrs Gerrard makes it all sound incredibly easy, so we couldn't let her leave without asking the big question: how long do you keep the Liverpool skipper waiting whilst you're getting ready? With that she smiled: "Only an hour and a half, I'm quite good really!"


One can only wonder if Stevie G thinks 90 minutes, the exact amount of time he spends slogging it out on the pitch each week, is ‘quite good really’...



Alex Gerrard talks to JMU Journalism

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW by Sophie Fairclough

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